Conceptualized by Durango Pipe Tobacco Cigars and handmade by Goebel Furniture Company, The Durango Humidor™ blends sleek, timeless design with modern functionality. This humidor was built to be past down for generations.



Pre-order the Durango Humidor now to receive it by November 2018.



Handmade and Original


Martin Goebel of Goebel Furniture uses his knowledge of how different woods last over time and incorporates the technology behind CNC for a detailed, precise interior. 

Sleek, Timeless Design


After the CNC process, we hand finish each piece, highlighting the beauty of the wood to create a truly original humidor that will last a lifetime. Multiple lids are available, from tempered smoked glass to clear glass and wood.

Humidity Monitoring


Our main goal is to keep our product as fresh as possible. A sensor chip inside the Durango Humidor allows you to monitor humidity levels from your smart phone, ensuring your cigars are stored and aged at optimal conditions.


“The most important thing at the core of Durango Pipe Tobacco Cigars is that tobacco is porous. We wanted a great looking, timeless humidor that has the ability to perfectly age cigars and control flavor profiles. This humidor does exactly that.

- Kevin Brennan, Durango Cigars